• Portable: it’s smaller than a smartphone and easy to take with you wherever you go!
  • Long battery life: it has a high capacity battery that can last for up to 2 days and can also act like a power bank and charge other devices.
  • Latest Bluetooth technology: it’s compatible with mobile devices and computers – it pairs with your device instantly and works without any delays or disconnections.
  • Built-in speaker and mouse functions: it can be used as a speaker or a fully functional mouse.

All of these features make sure that you have a product of the best quality! Keyless PRO can also support multiple devices, which includes smartphones, PCs, Macbooks, and tablets. The rechargeable battery means that Keyless PRO can be charged while being used, which is especially convenient if the situation is urgent. Turning it on should be fun – you’ll look like the most tech savvy person in the room!